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if punk is dead explain to me why i am right here


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in which brendon’s cookie is stolen [x]

Title: Where Did The Hurricane Go?

Artist: Fall Out Boy / Panic! at the Disco

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"God damn it!" i yell as i stub my toe on a table. suddenly from the sky, i hear god reply "okay". the floor splits open, revealing a pit to hell. god pushes the table down into the pit, and then it seals up. he actually did it. god damned it.


Okedoke so me and L have collected a lot of bandom stuff over the past few years and neither of us are really into it any more, so we thought we’d give them away to someone here. New, these things are worth over 150 GBP so we’re adding some rules:

You must do ALL these things or you will not be counted in the giveaway. We will check.

  • Follow my personal account AND L’s personal account
  • Reblog this post, likes don’t count
  • Don’t share on any other websites
  • Do not use giveaway blogs
  • Have an open ask box and should you win, reply to the message within 48 hours (a new winner will be chosen otherwise)
  • This post must reach 1k

here’s what you could win:

(all items are used but in good condition)

  • The Academy Is… t-shirt, size large
  • All 3 William Beckett wristbands (stuck in love, you never give up, i’ve had a great night), one size
  • My Chemical Romance hooded jumper, size large (as you can see in the photo this is really well worn there are some tears and stains but we thought we’d include it anyway)
  • 2 William Beckett t-shirts, size medium
  • Panic! At The Disco “The Theatre of Imagination” DVD
  • My Chemical Romance “This Band Will Save Your Life” book by Reinhardt Haydn
  • Patrick Stump Soul Punk t-shirt, size large
  • Fall Out Boy t-shirt, size large
  • Fall Out Boy poster
  • My Chemical Romance “Art Is The Weapon” t-shirt, size medium (more like a small but stretchy)
  • Panic! At The Disco t-shirt, size medium
  • Panic! At The Disco t-shirt, size large

The winner will be chosen by a random number generator and the giveaway ends on the 1st of September 2014. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact either L or me.Good luck!


the shirtless wonder


never forget


so i decided to make a giveaway 


  • fall out boy vest
  • fall out boy t shirt
  • my chemical romance crew neck sweatshirt
  • twenty one pilots stay alive bracelet
  • twenty one pilots red t shirt
  • twenty one pilots red crew neck sweatshirt 
  • panic! at the disco white t shirt 
  • panic! at the disco black t shirt


  • must be following me (bycottlove) i will check
  • only reblogs count (you can like it but it wont count)
  • no giveaway blogs (i will check)
  • optional: if you want an extra entry you can follow my instagram
  • you can reblog as many times as you want but please do not spam your followers
  • i will ship worldwide 
  • the items can be any size that you want
  • this ends on october 1st
  • if the winner doesnt want any of these items i will choose another person and give that person those items
  • i will choose the winner randomly using a website 
  • i guess that’s it

good luck!