brendon urine



This sort of behavior used to irritate me until I learned about how invasive paparazzi are in America. There are no laws against it.
I’ve also realized, that by flipping off the camera, the pictures can’t be sold to magazines because of “profanity”. So really, she’s just protecting herself.

i did not know that.


when you’re just about to walk out of class and the teacher hands you homework


Anonymous asked: i understand what you mean but for the movie she can't use the name "Harry Styles" she had to change all the boys name in her published copy. No one's perception of Harry will be tainted by this book. Not the ones that matter anyway. It's a well written story and deserves the recognition it's getting. It's called fan FICTION for a reason.


So what if she doesn’t use the name Harry? People will still know it’s about One Direction, trust me. I’ve read better written stories that are underrated. This woman got lucky and popular and I’m happy for her because it’s everyone’s dream to be honest. I would be supportive of the whole ordeal if the book wasn’t about romanticising abusive relationships

Louis being a mentor on the X Factor UK.



bless her


Title: They Don't Know About Us

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